I. EMBEDDED based ANDROID Mobile Appln

1. Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Assessment (IEEE 2015)
2. Electrocardiogram and oscillo metric Blood Pressure measurements using Arterial
    pressure estimation in simultaneous (IEEE 2015).
3. Bluetooth Low Energy Technology for Potential inVehicular Applications Based(IEEE 2015).
4. Healthcare IoT Systems Based Multi-hop WBAN Construction(IEEE 2015).
5. On-line monitoring and control system for the Development of Renewable Energy
    Sources in Android (IEEE 2015)
6. Snap n' shop of Mobile shopping based Visual search made a breeze by machine and
    crowd intelligence(IEEE 2015)
7. Android Devices based Smart Building management for Occupancy Detection via
    ibeacon(IEEE 2015)
8. Patients Monitoring Devices for Asthma using Personal Lung Function(IEEE 2015)


1. Two Noncontact Sensor Principles of a Bendable and Wearable Cardio respiratory
    Monitoring Device (IEEE 2015).
2. Embedded Run-To-Run Control and Case-Based Reasoning Based on Advanced Insulin
    Bolus Advisor (IEEE2015).
3. Hemodialysis Blood Leakage Monitoring System for the Applications Therapy(IEEE 2015).
4. Health Monitoring System using Wearable Sensors(Parkinson's disease) (IEEE 2015).
5. Human Body communication on the Effect of wireless Power Transfer using Capacitive
    coupling (IEEE 2015).
6. Enhancing sensor connectivity and data interoperability of the patient-centric mobile
    healthcare system (IEEE 2015).
7. Novel linear in Microwave sensor for non-invasive glucose measurements (IEEE 2015).
8. Adaptive Sensing Framework for Gait Monitoring Using Smart Insole (IEEE 2015).
9. widespread Healthcare Monitoring Based on NFC (IEEE 2015).

III. EMBEDDED based Mobile communication (GSM, GPS, GPRS)

1. Bus query system on the application of Zigbee technology(IEEE 2015).
2. Wireless Load Control and Monitoring Based on GSM along with Voice
    Response System (IEEE 2015).
3. School Children Safety Enhancement Transporation System Based on RFID (IEEE 2015).
4. GSM Communication Automation of Petrol Bunk with prepaid cards (IEEE 2015).


1. capacitive Charging via power transfer through a conformal bumper in Wireless electric
    vehicle (IEEE 2015).
2. Online Ambient Monitoring in a Low-Power using Wireless Sensor(IEEE 2015).
3. Sea Water Quality Monitoring system of a Sensor Network (IEEE 2015).
4. RFID technology based on the Design and implementation of visually impaired to work
    in industry (IEEE 2015).
5. Wireless Data Transfer with the Electrical Parameters In Industries Is Monitoring
    Through Pc (IEEE 2015).
6. Wireless street lighting system on a low-Cost and non invasive system for the
    measurement and detection of faulty streetlights (IEEE 2015).
7. Animal health monitoring system based on a Zigbee(IEEE 2015).
8. A residential PV system having a low-cost power line communication(PLC) on User-
    friendly monitoring system(IEEE 2015).
9. Bus Ticketing using a low cost M2M architecture for Intelligent Public transit (IEEE 2015).
10.Embedded Web server in Dynamic IP using Real Time on a Water
    Management system(IEEE 2015).


1. unmanned vehicle in underwater environment and Data Acquisition system for
    Embedded wireless (IEEE 2015).
2. Control Tracked Robot based on Neural Network System (IEEE 2015).
3. Tele-operated UGV on a Surveillance 3D Hand –Tracking (IEEE 2015).
4. Robot navigation in row crops based on Automatic Weed Detection System and Smart
    Herbicide Sprayer (IEEE 2015).
5. Intelligent with Wireless speech activated robot (IEEE 2015).
6. Surface cleaning robot using Blowers and Electromagnet (IEEE 2015).
7. A timid spybot Based on Gesture signals processing (IEEE 2015).
8. Soil Monitoring Robot Based on Sensors (IEEE 2015).
9. Robot Based on Automatic Road analyzing(IEEE 2015).


1. Road safety based on embedded system in passenger car(IEEE 2015).
2. Design of Dairy farmers based on a milk analysis in embedded system (IEEE 2015).
3. Based on Release and storage of mine Gas monitoring data in Sensors Web (IEEE 2015).
4. ARM based Monitoring and controlling of the Grain condition for Intelligent system (IEEE 2015).
5. RFID based Blind people Bus detection system (IEEE 2015).
6. A Railway Industry Survey based on Wireless Sensor Networks for
    Condition Monitoring (IEEE 2015).
7. A Wearable Sensors for Human Activity Monitoring(IEEE 2015).
8. Implementation of a Rose Greenhouses Monitoring Based on
    Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE 2015).
9. A Smart Home Based on Wireless Sensor Network for Elderly Care (IEEE 2015).


1. Photovoltaic–Thermoelectric of Performance Analysis and Simulation Results for
    Feasibility (IEEE 2015).
2. Mobile devices supporting inductive and resonant operating modes of Wireless power
    systems (IEEE 2015).
3. High-Q micromechanical AIN resonators Based on Capacitive piezoelectric
    transducer(IEEE 2015).
4. Pumping system based on MPPT Photovoltaic technique(IEEE 2015).
5. Damage Detection for Wind Turbines on MEMS Multi sensor(IEEE 2015).
6. MPPT control on fuzzy logic in solar-wind hybrid power system (IEEE 2015).
7. Demand prediction and Zigbee network in Home energy management system(IEEE 2015).
8. Energy harvesting in Run-Time Management for Multi core Embedded system(IEEE 2015).


1. ATM having Low resolution video for enhancing Unusual event detection(IEEE 2015).
2. Road Detection System Based on Driver Gaze Tracking and Eyes Off(IEEE 2015).
3. Survey for Bluetooth Devices of vehicle IOT(IEEE 2015).


1. Fingerprint authentication with minutiae having Ridge feature extraction
    on Biometric (IEEE 2015).
2. Video-Based Face Recognition using Bandit Framework for Wireless
    Systematic Learning (IEEE 2015).
3. Fractional coefficients of Palm print and Iris traits using Walsh, Haar and Kekre transforms
    in Bimodal biometric identification (IEEE 2015).
4. Clustering based in an efficient finger vein indexing scheme (IEEE 2015).
5. Biometrics Security enhancement of internet banking applications (IEEE 2015).
6. ECG Based Biometric Recognition in Joint Feature Extraction and Classifier(IEEE 2015).


1. Hazard Situations at Level Crossings in a Video-Analysis-Based Railway–Road Safety
    System (IEEE 2015).
2. Identification Neural Network and Wavelet Transformed Feature Selection Based on
    License Plate(IEEE 2015).
3. Traffic Surveillance Based Moving Object Detection for a Genetic Algorithm
    in Real Time(IEEE 2015).
4. Detection of Anomalies in Surveillance Video (IEEE 2015).
5. Video-Based Fire Detection on Spatio-Temporal Flame Modeling and Dynamic Texture
    Analysis (IEEE 2015).
6. Interfacing of stereo vision-based smart glasses in Hand segmentation and fingertip
    detection (IEEE 2015).
7. Neural network on Automatic Indian currency denomination recognition system(IEEE 2015).


1. Visible Light Communication Link Protection Mechanism on Smart Factory(IEEE 2015).
2. Web and WSN Control of Electrical Loads in Networked Switching and Polymorphing(IEEE 2015).
3. Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) based Intelligent Vehicle System for Driver Assistance
    using Control Area Network (CAN) (IEEE 2015).
4. Potholes and Humps on Roads to Aid Drivers on Automatic Detection and
    Notification (IEEE 2015).


1. Global industrial monitoring System through wireless based Raspberry pi (IEEE 2015).
2. Motion detection based on Raspberry pi using an internet of things approach (IEEE 2015).


  • In this physical world, where the software and Hardware meets is known as Embedded System. As we put tiny computers in to all quality of systems (door locking, Aero planes, pacemakers) how we implement the software is truly, terrifyingly important. Embedded systems are more dependent for our daily lives right from smart phones, air conditioner, washing machines, ATM and so on. The uses of embedded systems are virtually limitless, because every month new products are introduced to the market that utilizes embedded computers in novel ways. Today we have the latest innovation in Embedded systems i.e. “Internet of things”, which is more popular. As Embedded systems becomes a part of our daily life activities it necessary for continuous research in this field.

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