I. EMBEDDED based ANDROID Mobile Appln

1. Android Apps for Home Control (IEEE 2014)
. 2. Smart Home Monitoring and Controlling System using Android Phone (IEEE 2014).
3. A pervasive system for Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring (IEEE 2014).


1. Change form Separate of RFID Tags based on Resolvable cross Designs (IEEE 2014).
2. Feel and Obey Human Anticipative Behavior using mobile Robots (IEEE2014).
3. Retirement and Hi-Tech Safekeeping in Join Vehicles (IEEE 2014).
4. Long-Suffering Bill of Health Management System using E-Health Observe Construction
   (IEEE 2014).
5. Design Considerations for a Wearable Monitor to Measure Settle (IEEE 2014).
6. An Efficient Geometric feature based License Plate Localization and Recognition (IEEE 2014).
7. Real-Time Monitoring System Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Integrated With Sensor Observation
   Service (IEEE 2014).

III. EMBEDDED based Mobile communication (GSM, GPS, GPRS)

1. Intelligent Accident Identification System using GPS, GSM Modem (IEEE 2014).
2. Design and Development of GPS-GSM Based Tracking System with Google Map Based Monitoring
    (IEEE 2014).
3. Agriculture irrigation water demand forecasting based on rough set theory and weighted LS-SVM
    (IEEE 2014).
4. Electronic Energy Meter with Remote Monitoring and Billing System (IEEE 2014).
5. speech based warn setup for visionless people with GPS enabled location identification
    (IEEE 2014).
6. Safety of Women at the Workplace (IEEE 2014).
7. Intelligent Anti-Theft and Tracking System for Automobiles (IEEE 2014).


1. Velocity and command authority for dc motor using RF connection (IEEE 2014).
2. Equipment ascendancy for Industrial Atomization using bluetooth (IEEE 2014).
3. Future Unmanned System Design for Reliable Military Operations (IEEE 2014).
4. Evaluating Air Pollution Parameters Using Zigbee (IEEE 2014).
5. Real time monitoring and controlling of TRANSFORMERs (IEEE 2014).
6. Wireless Computerized Device Authority Frame of Reference using Rf Communication
    (IEEE 2014).
7. A ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring an Aquaculture Recirculating System
    (IEEE 2014).


1. Enhancing the reactivity of the vision subsystem in autonomous mobile robots using real-time
    techniques (IEEE 2014).
2. Sensor based lighting system (IEEE 2014).
3. Design and implementation of supervising Robot by using SMS (IEEE 2014).
4. Actual time surety of workers Subject to substantial provoker in constructions sites using dynamic
   WSN (IEEE 2014).
5. Hospital wagon mechanical person with avoid superficial Defibrillator (IEEE 2014).
6. Model driven development for human-machine interaction systems. (IEEE 2014).
7. A body language study joins together for assumed mechanical person track shaping with a Human
    Teacher (IEEE 2014).


  • There are a number of researches based on NS2.
  • This is evident from the numerous papers being published in IEEE every year. More focus is on wireless networks. There are however, only few tools that qualify for advanced network simulations.
  • NS2 tops the chart when it comes to network related simulations. Founded in 1995, its popularity and strength is increasing day by day. Even though ns3 has been released by the same community, ns2 is still the most preferred simulator.

  • At Uniq, we do more than just giving you the NS code. We provide you free training on Ubuntu, a Linux distribution to run ns2.
  • We also provide you free guides on ns installation and provide 24x7 support for ns2 based projects.
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