I. Wireless based Embedded System

1. Emergency call systems for Accident Spot Identification using GSM and GPS (IEEE2013).
2. Fusion Wired/Wireless Networking transportation for conservatory Management (IEEE2013).
3. Intelligent wireless street lighting system using various microcontrollers (IEEE2013).
4. Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based on PIC and GSM in
    software environment (IEEE2013).
5. Driving behavior detection based on a ZIGBEE network of moving vehicles (IEEE2013).
6. Advanced shopping guiding system using ZIGBEE protocol (IEEE2013).
7. Design of automatic remote reading Gas Information Collection and Control System Based
    on GPRS (IEEE2013).
8. Demand responsive transit (DRT) bus Systems Using Zigbee as a Communication
   Medium (IEEE2013).
9. Smart Parking Reservation System using wireless communication media (SMS) (IEEE2013).
10. A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based on general packet radio service and Zigbee
    Wireless Sensor Network (IEEE2013).
11. Video processing for Real time defense communicator using Bluetooth and GPS (IEEE2013).

II. Ratio Frequency based Embedded System

1. Intelligent transport Vehicle safety system & signboard monitoring using RF technology
2. RFID wireless video and MEMS joystick through Human sense robot for rescue operations using
3. ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) Identification of Missing Objects with Group Coding of
   RF tags (IEEE2013).
4. Information processing sub system RFID and GSM Technology Building Intelligent Relief Supplies
   Distribution and Monitoring System (IEEE2013).

III. Bio-Metric Based Embedded System

1. Implementation of Real Time Real-time feedback, Monitoring System Using Heart Beat Sensor
   and Tri-axial Accelerometer (IEEE2013).
2. Environmental monitoring Intelligent Skull-hood for Coal Miners (IEEE2013).
3. Differential Pulse Code Modulation Voice recognition based Wireless home automation
   system (IEEE2013).
4. Detecting blink pattern system for user monitoring (IEEE2013).
5. Novel algorithm of Ameliorated Hough converts eye blink control system (IEEE2013).
6. Data privacy for combined face and voice verification for a mobile platform (IEEE2013).
7. Intelligent biometric system real time embedded novel finger vein recognition system for
    an authentication for teller machine (IEEE2013).

IV.Energy Management Based Embedded System

1. Energy grid Management for Hybrid Generation Systems (IEEE2013).
2. Design of Power Expensive Control System various energy sources (IEEE2013).
3. Smart Charge: Cutting the Electricity Bill in Smart Homes with Energy Storage using
   wireless module (IEEE2013).
4. Energy performance of interior Light system depends on crowd sensing method (IEEE2013).

V.Application based Embedded System

1. Design of Landslide Warning System using GSM & GPS (IEEE2013).
2. Increasing Student’s Interest with Low Cost Cell bots (IEEE2013).
3. Earthquake and tsunami monitoring network of cable-linked 150 ocean bottom observatories
   and its impact to earth disaster science (IEEE2013).
4. Embedded smart sensors architecture for wheel chair user monitoring using adhoc
   network (IEEE2013).
5. Multicast scalable efficient USB bulk transfer between a PC and PIC Microcontroller for
    Embedded application (IEEE2013).
6. Low cast efficiency scalable Border surveillance using sensor based thick-lines (IEEE2013).
7. Cloud Controlled Intrusion Detection and Burglary Prevention Stratagems in Home
    Automation Systems (IEEE2013).
8. Low Cost Weather Station with Remote Control wireless module (IEEE2013).
9. LED-LDR Assembly scheme Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) (IEEE2013).

  • There are a number of researches based on NS2.
  • This is evident from the numerous papers being published in IEEE every year. More focus is on wireless networks. There are however, only few tools that qualify for advanced network simulations.
  • NS2 tops the chart when it comes to network related simulations. Founded in 1995, its popularity and strength is increasing day by day. Even though ns3 has been released by the same community, ns2 is still the most preferred simulator.

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