InPlant Training for CSE/IT

inplant training in chennai
Phase Tools
Requirement Analysis  Rational rose
High Level Design(HLD) Visio
Low Level Design(LLD) Borland
Development(Code Construction)  
1. Database Structure Oracle/MySQL
2. Server Side Scripting J2EE (Eclipse/Netbeans)
1.Performance Testing Load Runner
2.Regression Testing QTP
Deployment Server – Tomcat & JBoss
ipt in chennai
(i)    Domain Registration
(ii)   IP address mapping
(iii)  Web page development
(iv)  Hosting

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  • Without software, any device would only be a costly paper-weight. Today the world is witnessing a technology revolution and software holds 90% of the stake in this success.
  • This is the reason why Computer Science and IT related Engineering courses are in most demand at Engineering admissions.
  • For those who are fortunate enough to getting into a top notch college are faced with the next big challenge of getting placed in high-tech software company.
  • This is where IPT makes an entry into the scene.

  • Uniq technologies has been providing IT services for several years.
  • What started as a webhosting company has now grown up to be a diversified company offering services and solutions to a wide variety of Industrial Service Units.
  • Have a look at our client portfolio and you will be convinced that we are the first choice for your IPT needs.
  • The certificate we provide you is sure to make you look unique in the eyes of your interviewer.
  • Some of our students are today striking millions in top notch companies.
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