NET Framework - In today’s world of enterprise application development either desktop or Web, one of leaders and visionary is Microsoft .NET technology. The .NET platform also known as the .NET Framework enables innovation in enterprise application development and deployment. It includes wide variety of pre-build components, which allows developers to create robust and powerful applications to address the enterprise requirements. In addition, the Visual Studio.NET IDE used for rapid application development enables quick development, trouble-free deployment, installation, maintenance, and security.

C# . NET - This course introduces you to object-oriented methodology using C#, as the programming language. It introduces the implementation of object-oriented concepts, such as abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance, using C#. In addition, this course introduces implementation of various programming concepts, such as threads, file handling, delegates, attributes, and reflection, used in C#

ASP . NET - In these classes, students will get introduced to develop ASP. NET applications. They will learn about components of an ASP. NET Web page.

SQL Server - Concepts of relational and object relational databases, SQL programming language, create and maintain database objects and to store, retrieve, and manipulate data.

Program Contents:


  • Introduction to Microsoft .NET Environment
  • Net framework
    • CLR (Common Language Runtime)
    • CTS (Common Type System)
    • CLS (Common Language Specification)
    • MSIL
    • JIT compiler
  • Assemblies and Namespaces

C# . NET

Introduction to C# Programming

  • What is C#?
  • Does C# Replace Java?
  • Simple Program: Printing a Line of Text
  • Memory Concepts

Variables and Data types

  • Initialization of Variables
  • Variable Scope
  • Constants
  • Value Types and Reference Types
  • CTS Types

Operators And Statements

Arrays and Strings

Object Oriented Programming

  • Objects and Classes
  • Methods and Properties
  • Constructors and Destructors


Types of Inheritance

  • Implementation versus Interface Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritances
  • Structs and Classes


  • Abstract Classes
  • Implementing Polymorphism by Method Overloading
  • Implementing Polymorphism by Method Overriding
  • Interfaces and Structures


  • Defining and Implementing Interfaces
  • Derived Interfaces
  • Accessing Interfaces
  • Overriding Interfaces


  • Defining Structs
  • Creating Structs
  • Creating Enum

Exception Handling

  • Exception Classes
  • Standard Exceptions
  • User Defined Exceptions


An Overview of C#.Net

Building Windows Based Applications

  • Standard Controls
  • Components
  • Forms
  • Menus and Dialogues
  • Validating user input

Accessing Data with ADO.NET, Crystal Reports

  • Overview of ADO.NET
  • Accessing Data
  • Using Dataset Objects and Updating Data
  • Binding, Viewing, and Filtering Data
  • Connecting With the Database


Overview of ASP.NET

  • Introduction to ASP.NET
  • Configuring ASP.NET Applications

ASP.NET Frameworks

  • Code Behind
  • Page Directives
  • Page Events
  • What is Post Back? controls

  • Basic Web Server Controls
  • Label control
  • Textbox control
  • Button control
  • Link button control
  • Image button control
  • Check box control
  • Radio button control
  • Hyper link control
  • Image control

Data List Web Server Controls

  • Checkbox List control
  • RadioButtonList control
  • DropDownList control
  • ListBox control
  • DataGrid control
  • Repeater control

Other Web Server Controls

  • Calendar Control
  • Adrotator Control
  • Validation Controls
  • Grid View Controls

Performing Data Access

  • Using Databound Controls
  • Working with List Controls
  • Working Tabular Databound Controls
  • Working Hierarchical Databound Controls
  • Working with Other Controls
  • Using Datasource Controls
  • Using Asp.Net Parameters With Datasource Controls

Building Data Access Components

  • Connected Data Access
  • Using the Connection Object
  • Using the Command Object
  • Using the Datareader Object
  • Disconnected Data Access
  • Using The Dataadapter Object
  • Using The Datatable Object
  • Using The Dataview Object
  • Using The Dataset Object

State Management, Web Services

  • View State
  • Session
  • Cookies
  • Application
  • Hidden Field

Setup and Deployments

  • Setup and Deploying Windows Applications
  • To Create a Setup Project
  • Building, Distributing, and Deploying a Setup Project


  • A candidate will get a “Certificate in Dotnet Programming Language”
  • A candidate will get a “Certificate Program in Advanced Dotnet SE Programming for Web Development”.
  • A candidate will get a “Certificate for Successful Project Completion”


  • Training: 60 hours – 30 Days (2 hours/day).
  • Project Work: 20 Hours – 10 Days (2 hours/day).
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