Internship feedback - Sai Sruthi

Internship at UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES, “a fantabulous experience”. I came here with an intention to have an in-depth knowledge about Android App Development. And yeah, it did serve my needs. I was able to learn the Android App Development thoroughly which I feel would help me in my future, for my Final Year Project. This gave me a practical exposure too as we were allowed to work practically during training period. The tutors too were amicable that made us comfortable to post our doubts. The internship and in-plant training at UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES, is now gaining increasing attention not due to the ostentatious advertisements but mainly because of their flexible time adjustments catering to the needs of the students and the quality of knowledge being imparted. In short, “UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES satisfies the need of the hour for the students, particularly for CSE, since we are given practical exposure to the workspace”

Sai Sruthi S 3rd Year, CSE, CEG, Anna University
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

It took me months to find the best study centre for Photoshop,Flash, Dreamweaver ,SDLC .But when I finally came across UNIQ Technologies , I knew I got my destination. I feel proud to say that , I have a much better knowledge in this course when compared to my other counterparts who have studied this course. Earlier I was confused about selecting a best centre for my course study, but after coming in touch with UNIQ, I got relaxed by relying on them regarding my career in this course. I was just fascinated and impressed by their way of handling the subjects and courses to such an extent that I will surely recommend their teaching and service again in near future to all my upcoming juniors who want to pursue a better way of cultivable knowledge in various kinds of software development fields.

Preetha M.N.M Jain Engineering College
In Plant Training

The internship at UNIQ technologies on MATLAB was a wonderful learning experience. Hands-on experience on MATLAB was really helpful in the learning process. Image processing was until then Greek and Latin for us. The practical training provided by the professional experts at UNIQ introduced us to the different aspects of image processing. We ended up doing a mini project on the same. We were made to explore things on our own, but of course, with guidance. Professional environment around provided a feel of corporate work culture. The 5 days internship has inspired us to the extent that we are planning for another internship during the next vacation at “UNIQ”.

Josephine A G Patricia, DivyaKumari 3rd Year, ECE, Pondicherry Engg College
In Plant Training feedback - Swaminathan

I Swaminathan.V, a CSE student of MIT, ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chrompet, Chennai, has attended the internship programme offered by UNIQ technologies in December 2016. I enjoyed the 2 week internship that was truly fascinating yet highly knowledgeable. Those two weeks were a real eye-opener for me where I learned a lot web related developing techniques. The faculties at UNIQ technologies clearly showed me the way for developing a proper website and taught me the specifications that should be followed during a development of a website. I learned a few tricks here which reduced the time taken to develop a web site. I learnt to use “dreamweaver” for developing websites. I also learned how to work with JQUERY for decorative purpose like the photo slider and how to make the transitions in web pages using flash and JQUERY. The internship was to develop a website for Uniq technologies. This internship helped me a lot to correct the mistakes I made in one of my project for my department. I thoroughly enjoyed working with UNIQ for those 2 weeks. The site that I have developed has been put up online and is available for public viewing. Do check out my website, www.inplanttrainingchennai.co.in. I would recommend UNIQ technologies to all the people who are interested in web designing.

SWAMINATHAN.V Madras Institute of Technology, ANNA UNIVERSITY
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

Hi, I am.Vaishnavi doing my Btech in CSE (4th year) from SRM University. I take this opportunity to thank Uniq Technologies for providing a superb learning experience through their inplant training programme. I got to learn a lot about the website designing and hosting concepts with the help of their faculty. Each one of the Uniq team not only ensured that we understood the concepts well but also made sure that we implemented each of them to understand it practically. The teaching methodologies are very "smart", i actually mean it, as it is the perfect place if you want to learn all your concepts thoroughly with a practical approach. I am pleased by the motivation given by each one of them at Uniq. Thanks a lot !!! I am looking forward for a even better experience with their java programme that i have enrolled for.

Vaishnavi SRM University - kattankulathur
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

I hereby thank uniq Technologies for having given me this opportunity to take up an implant training in his company which was of great use to me. I also extend my thanks to all the faculties, who broke the boredom kind of class room lectures,instead made the classes very knowledge and interesting.Through this implant training,I have become aware of certain current technologies,about website designing ,testing & important basic concepts which i had not known before.And also it has helped me become aware of the various career choice available currently

A. Mohamed Shafiq A.J.Satak Engineering College
In Plant Training feedback - Gayathri

The android workshop was conducted for 5 days and it was organized and structured in a very good manner.First, we were introduced to java basics which was very useful. The approach was step by step and it was easy to understand also.XML introduction could have been there as we were new to coding. Otherwise, the installation procedure and working with the software was easy with the proper guidance overall, we are able to develop an android application (Basic) in 5 days which is very useful for further development This IPT can be extended to 15days or so for all college students to benefit and also higher level applications development can be introduced .This InPlant Training is a very good topic for students as this is the developing trend for the future.

Gayathri Padma.S IIIyr,ECE, NIT TRICHY
In Plant Training feedback - Vignesh

I found myself feeling technical in heart when I stepped into UNIQ Technologies, Chennai for Inplant training. It was an exciting one week of training on various topics like Web development, Hosting, Software development and Designing tools.
We were trained by a good Technical team who were specialized in specific area of interest. I was packed with tools like Adobe Photoshop, Rational Rose, Dreamweaver, Flash and much more under a single training programme at a low cost which is unimaginable. The doubts were patiently cleared at instant and our capability was tested by developing a website that was hosted in their server free of cost.
I felt rich in mind when I left the Tech-Hub with a Certificate of Appreciation and package of software free of cost (A real charity to students).
I remember a quote when i think about UNIQ technologies,
“A Revolutionary Tech-Hub which convert weak into Geeks”

Vignesh IIIyr,IT, KSR Engg College
In Plant Training feedback - Anusha

        With the advent of software technology in the present world, the future is bright for the computer science engineers. Though the recession saw several engineers lose their jobs, the competition to enter into a reputed software firm has only been gradually increasing. I realized that only textbook knowledge will get me nowhere and decided to an in-plant training in a reputed company. So I chose UNIQ. I never regretted doing my IPT there and it was an eye-opening experience for me. My training spanned for about ten days and I learnt a lot in those ten days.
        The staffs there were very experienced and they made every second count. My training started with a brush up of my basic knowledge in c, c++ and java. The training session was entirely industry focussed. The latest trends in the industry practices were discussed rather than just doing rote coding. After revisiting the fundamentals, the training moved on to android applications. Android has always been a personal favourite of my own and I enjoyed the training. While I was wondering about what to do my mini project on, the training came helpful and I ended up developing an android application which was well received and appreciated by my teachers and friends. To make the students aware of the real time environment in industries, I was trained on consumer based engineering rather than the product based engineering which we learn in our classes. Once after the session, I knew that I have already become a professional from a student already.
        The staffs there at UNIQ clearly knew what the MNCs expected from the prospective students and modelled the training accordingly. Once I learnt how the companies operate and what job an engineer does there, my trepidation for the oncoming campus interviews lessened. With the confidence the training gave me, I sat for the placements with a renewed energy and got successfully placed with Cognizant Technological Solutions and Wipro Technologies. Yes, I got dual job. My IPT certificate issued by UNIQ and the mini project added to my resume and it made the interviewers see me in a special light. Though I prepared rigorously for the placements, I owe a part of my success to UNIQ.
        Though the training was only for ten days, I learnt a lot of things at UNIQ which helped me to gain a proper foothold in the professional setting and help develop for the years to come. Their career oriented guidance and training was simply the best and they had an impeccable sense of teaching practical engineering. Now I am well-geared to start my work at the industry, all thanks to UNIQ and their training for a smooth transition to the professional world. UNIQ is best platform for people willing to learn and develop their career and I feel proud that I was a part of UNIQ once.

Anusha St.Joseph's College of Engineering
In Plant Training feedback - Roshanara

I am so glad that I am a part of the UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES IPT team.it was my friend who suggested ipt for me in UNIQ.i had no idea what an inplant training actually bears.But to my surprise it was something more than I expected in UNIQ.The training session here was super awesome.It was only a practical session.my friends and I learnt a lot on web designing and web hosting.We had sessions on SDLC and demo classes on java.We learnt to use web designing tools along with photoshop and flash.The staff took so much care to make us understand the concepts.They gave us soft copies to learn more on the concepts.They guided us through the whole session.We also had free placement training classes during the IPT with aptitude sessions and mock interviews.So we were never bored over there and learning was made so much fun and knowledgable
Am so happy to be a part of UNIQ .I thank the staffs whole heartedly for their support and guidance.
Keep the great work going,UNIQ !!!!!!.

M.K.ROSHANARA BEGUM AalimMuhammedSalegh College Of Engineering
In Plant Training feedback - THENDRAL

We heard about your company through contacts from Anna University, Chennai. They had done a little bit publishing through their nit friends. We were guided to your office and the bill receipt was also obtained through an Anna University final year student. The location of your office is definitely an advantage, making transportation easier. The faculties were able to efficiently communicate and convey the topics. We were given hands on experience on the project which is very rare now a day!!!. The training was a well defined process and was aimed at step by step improvement. I see this as a developing institute with bright chances ahead .Cheers to you and thank you for informative journey that we under want with you.

In Plant Training feedback - HARI

A very good environment for learning, I enjoyed the rooms in which the classes were thought. The facilities are very good. They make every effort to make me understand giving real-time examples when necessary. The classes are not boring. They are very much interesting. I learned new things every day .It was an interactive session and I was always allowed to try different things in all the classes. Doubts were always encouraged .The timing is flexible which is always nice. Thanks to you guys for making it a wonderful learning experience.

In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

I hereby thank uniq Technologies for having given me this opportunity to take up an implant training in his company which was of great use to me. I also extend my thanks to all the faculties, who broke the boredom kind of class room lectures,instead made the classes very knowledge and interesting.Through this implant training,I have become aware of certain current technologies,about website designing ,testing & important basic concepts which i had not known before.And also it has helped me become aware of the various career choice available currently

Deepak Bharath Engineering College
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

hi am santhosh from R.M.K Institution. I have done inplant training in UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES. It will be very useful for my future steps in get through my ambition.They are not a faculty, they behave like a friends with me. My friends know about my dream and they know abt my future plan. So they trained well. They given softcopy notes and software. its was very helpful for my practical knowledge.i have contact with my frieds it is useful for my future. Thankyou friends.

Y.Santhosh Kumar R.M.K. Institution.Kavaraipettai.
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

Am Indumathi am doing my B.tech(IT) in Gopal Ramalingam Memorial Engineering College.When I was in second year I came to know about Uniq Technologies through seminar which was arranged through my college.After a week I came to uniq Technologies and I started my Inplant Training here, within 2days I realised it was very useful for my career.After completing the training myself realised my creativity in designing. Due to that inplant traiing I myself have designed a front page of magazine for my college symposium with the help of faculty in Uniq Technologies.

Indumathi GRM Engineering College
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

hi, this is narmadha ,i am doing 3rd year computer science in savitha engineering college . we have attended the inplant training in uniq technologies. First we want to say thanks for your cooperation. We expected more fear about inplanttraining, but now the inplant traiing is done simply way with your work. We got more information from your guidance sir. when we came to inplant training, with your guidence of your hospitality is very nice. If we will place in a software company , we confirm proof that we will go to doing project with confidence sir . We had clear idea about website designing ,testing and networking. We had done our inplant training effectively in your centre. Thanks for giving this opportunity.

Narmadha Savitha Engineering College

Hi I am S.Devi. I finished JAVA course in Uniq Technologies.The staffs here were friendly and made us understand the concept clearly and they helped us to develop a better career in IT field. Now I have completed my college successfully with distinction. Thanks to UNIQ Technologies for their guidance.

Devi VKK Engineering College

Hi I am K.S.Jayashree. I completed JAVA course in Uniq Technologies. The staffs here answered our questions with patience. They taught the course with different methodology using Real Time examples. This helped us to gain perfect knowledge in the subject and paved the way for a successful career in the software field.

K.S.Jayashree VKK Engineering College

I completed my project titled "INTEGRATED FILE REPLICATION AND CONSISTENCY MAINTENANCE AS FILE ERADICATION IN PEER-PEER SYSTEM" in Uniq Technologies. It's a java application based project, where I was able to gain a complete knowledge about the project as well as the language. The tutors ensured that we understand the project thoroughly and made us complete the project on time.

A. Kalyana Sundaram velammal Engg college

I have done my final year project in Uniq Technologies. As my project required additional knowledge on dotnet, the staffs took extra pains to explain the concepts. This helped us to involve ourselves better and come out with an innovative and successful project.

Karthik Ramnath Hindustan Univeristy

I recently underwent a inplant training programme in Uniq technologies, To be very honest I was not that supportive to the idea of attending here I just gave a try as one of my friends suggested it to be a good centre where Learining comes before Money. Yes, He was totally correct. The way they handled the students were so ver professional which made me think that this might be the best in plant training centres among the many that I have attended.

Jeevitha Sai Ram Engineering College

This is Sundar Murugesan, have completed my B.Tech in Jayaraj Annapackiam Csi College of Engineering - Nazareth. I have done In Plant Training in UNIQ Technologies. The training provided a clear idea about Software development life cycle and the web designing part was very interesting and had a hands on experience in photoshop, flash and dreamweaver. The training was very helpful for my placement and I was talking about my IPT program for more than 20 mins. I would like to thank UNIQ technologies for offering such a valuable training program.

Sundar Murugesan Jayaraj Annapackiam Csi College of Engg

Hi, I am Suganya from KLN Engg College, Madurai. I had my inplant training at UNIQ Technologies, Chennai. I like to share my experience and benefits of this inplant training. The coordinators who handles sessions at uniq technologies are really amicable and well trained professionals to clear our doubts. Infact, they provided us a good and safe accommodation nearby office so that we feel comfortable and secured. Hence, we had an ample of time to practice.

As all you know, during interview the maximum questions will be from Area of interest and some training u done. I gave JAVA as my area of interest, since I had my inplant training in this language at uniq technologies. I acquired good technical skills which helped me out for better job in a reputed company during placement cell and I can able to convince the interviewer from my answers. I thank everyone working in uniq technologies for my better career. The coordinators there helped me out even after the training period. They clarified my doubts when necessary.

Suganya KLN Enggineering College

This course was very interesting and informative. Classes were practical which helped us to understand it better. Faculty guided us very well and was patient enough to clear all our doubts. Mini-Projets at the end of this course helped us to apply the knowledge gained through this course and makes us to be clear about the concept.

D.Sarannya Velammal Engineering college

I along with my friends joined UNIQ technologies for IPT. Initially I thought it would be a Theoretical classroom session. But then the infrastructure and practical classes were a WOW Feature here, The IPT here is only practical sessions for 5days and only 1 theory class for SDLC. The surprise element here is designing our own website and hosting it. They even gave us the software CD to practice at home. I do not think any other place can provide such a wonderful IPT classes. Thank you UNIQ!!

Sahana N Velammal Engineering college

I have attended IPT in UNIQ Technologies. It was very useful for us. I learnt many softwares like Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I even learnt how to host a web page. After attending IPT, now i am in a position of creating my own web page. The IPT Program was organized in a very clear way that each student can understand and make Their own web page.

J.Mounika Reddy VIT

The course was very helpful in making us to understand the concepts of JSP and script. The practice sessions were even more informative as we were able to understand its real time implementation. Our trainer Mr.Prasath was always ready to assist us in our doubts. He made us to have a clear knowledge about the concept and made timely available at any time.

R.Priyanka Velammal Engineering college

This course gave us a lot of information apart from what we learnt in our college. Learning the concepts and making a projects with these concepts gave us a better Understanding of the concepts. The course was taught to us in an interactive manner. Each day limited topics were taught, so we understood the topics easily.

Ramesh Nigitha Ravi Velammal Engineering college

One of the main reason for me joining here for ipt was that I was able to design My own website and host in for public viewing.The classes were fully practical and the Trainers were available to help us all the time.Even if I come to class alone or with my Friends at uneven working times, the trainers here were ready to guide us.

Ramesh Nigitha Ravi VIT

We did not have a clear thought upon choosing the correct centers. But fortunately We approached UNIQ Technologies. We are truly happy and very comfortable here. Infact We are gaining much better knowledge. The Faculty who is taking java for us is really Friend with us. Joining this ce3ntre is really beneficial to us. In overall sense, we are Comfortable and satisfied with the faculties and the centre.

K.Sai Aswini Tagore Engineering College

we came here in a blank mind about the courses, but now this centers friendly Approach satisfied us a more. Teaching wise also we are satisfied. We want some examples programs to explain a particular topic. We are comfortable & satisfied a lot even in our projects

R.Priyadharisini Tagore Engineering College

Sir, basically I don’t believe any centres. But after coming to UNIQ Technologies I had Clear ideas about engineering.

From your centre, I like this

"To find yourself
First lose yourself”

All the staff are well and good. They are teaching well ,without any recitation. As overall i satisfied a lot and gained knowledge.

Santhoshini Tagore Engineering College

Right from my child hood, I was so fascinated towards web designing and other flash related stuffs.. I tried learning it from various online tutorials but could not master it. Just that time, My friend suggested to join IPT course in Uniq technologies. Without much interest, I joined it and the very first day they proved me wrong. I was able to capture all the toughest concepts of Flash and web designing on the first few days of the course itself. Uniq were saving the best for the last, As a token of gift to our batch, Uniq was able to offer internships in top rated companies to enhance our web designing skills.

Shanmuga MuthuKumar VIT University

  • The training at UNIQ technologies aims in developing the required skills that turn graduates into
    employable assets. Handled only by professionals from Tier one companies, we know how to equip you
    with strong technologies fundamentals.
  • Everything from aptitude to attitude is what we promise you… Not for profit but to transform you, Your future

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